Marco Polo Expediciones S.L.U.

Avenida de Europa 11,

03503 - Benidorm

Alicante - Spain

CIF: B03946431

OFFICE:  +34 965 863 399   +34 618 875 434

MARCO:  +34 655 879 711

Open every day from 9:30am to 1:30pm & 4:30pm to 7:30pm


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Paragliding Benidorm Costa Blanca


Are you passionate about flying like birds?

Fly together with the birds, why not? Even they had to learn how to fly!
If you can run, you can fly with us. While our local paragliding instructor talks about the mountains, the wind and the thermals, we get higher and higher up the mountain until we find the right place for take - off.  More than 40 m2 of sail will make us fly after only a couple of seconds of running. Together with our instructor, everything looks very easy.  Even the landing feels like a little jump from a chair to the ground.

•    This activity depends on the weather conditions. The exact hour and venue will not be confirmed until the day of activity itself.
•    The Marco Polo office will contact the client directly to arrange all the details of this activity.
•    With the right weather conditions, there will be flights everyday, mostly in the afternoons.

•    1 tandem flight: “soaring” or downhill of approx. 400m.
•    Professional instructor and insurance.

•    80€ per person